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February 21, 2019
March 23, 2020

New 90-day free trial period for Mac and Windows versions of the entire Affinity suite and 50% off. Affinity aka. Serif from Nottingham in the United Kingdom should already be familiar to most people: Affinity has spent the last few years putting together a suite that does more than hold a candle to Adobe. The suite consists of the three productivity apps "Affinity Designer", "Affinity Photo" and "Affinity Publisher". The three programs work seamlessly with or among each other (StudioLink) and are unrivalled in terms of "affordability". Now, in addition to the extra long test period, there is also a 50% discount until April 20th.

All three apps of the Affinity Suite are currently available for a 90-day extended trial period. In addition, all apps are currently reduced by 50% to support creative professionals in the current and coming difficult times.

If you have not been able to use Affinity due to lack of time, you might now take advantage of the great offer and get to know the suite.

Serif will also be commissioning work to more than 100 freelancers. The entire budget for contract work, which is normally planned for one year, will be spent within the next three months. For more information see the link at the end of this article.

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