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December 10, 2020

What really counts when choosing a web hosting service

Sure, it's quite a journey and on the way a lot of companies will tell you what is best for you. Even worse maybe - you will be flooded with technical details and phrases that your head starts to spin. Of course the whole field of web design is technical and the hosting part is no exclusion.

We like to make complicated things seem simple and we want you to have it easy and profit from our year-long experience in this field. We kind of actually want to "protect" you from all the technical fluff because we want to enable our clients to be great at their job, not ours. This is our goal. Always.

Of course every client and every website and every case is individual. The needs differ based on your audience, your traffic and a bunch of other factors.

But in the end hosting is basically about these four factors:

  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Security

So let's have a closer look at these four factors.


Or: how fast will my site load?

With Speed or Page Speed we mean the time it takes for your webpage to load in the browser of your visitor. This is always a crucial factor in your long-term SEO strategy and Google favors fast loading pages over slow and bulky webpages. When we hand-code your webpage for you, we always pay attention to all the little details to make your site as light-weighted as possible (e.g. through compressing images).

Another factor for page speed is the location of your web hosting server and the location of the visitor. The greater the distance the slower the page load will be. Think of it like a phone call over landline between someone in Australia and in Sweden. The farther away from each other the two endpoints are the more "lag" you will get. This can me measured through a ping test. It'll measure the time it takes for one computer to talk to another one.

The solution here is to distribute your webpage (files) over multiple servers across the globe so that every visitor will always be close. Webflow hosting does exactly this and your site visitors and SEO score will profit from this.


Or: will my webpage crash if I get a lot of visitors?

If your site gets a certain reach or maybe a feature in some kind of publication and thus gets a lot of hits (goes viral even, maybe) smaller servers or shared hosting might let you down. A server is actually not more than a computer that does a certain job. And depending on it's size and capabilities and the traffic it gets it can be brought down to its knees. Like a restaurant that can also just serve a certain amount of guests per hour. If they get a rush the restaurant might just close the doors and the existing guests can keep enjoying their dinner.

The server however will just boggle and chances are that the experience will be pretty bad for all visitors ultimately resulting in a "page can't be reached" status for all the eager prospects or potential buyers of yours. It's not just inconvenient it's also unprofessional and can cost you a lot of money.

Luckily there is a solution for this scenario and with Webflow enterprise grade hosting you'll never have to worry about this. The service handles the traffic automatically spinning up more servers if they are needed for your website, so that all the traffic will be handled.

Webflow hosting does this with the help of Fastly and Amazon EC2 servers and hosts several sites that get over a million page views a month without a hitch!


Or: Do I have to worry about downtime?

If your webpage doesn't load it's pretty much useless and all the work that has been put into can't pay off.

In cheaper hosting solutions websites are shared on one server (hence the name shared hosting). If one of your server neighbors gets a lot of traffic (see Scalability) his site is likely to go down and take yours with it.

Webflow hosting avoids this scenario again through its global server model. Even if one server would crash completely then there will always be enough other servers in the network to serve your files.

You can convince yourself of the ultra reliability of Webflow hosting under this link: Webflow Status. They usually show a 100.0 % uptime.


Security on the one hand means secure and encrypted traffic for your site visitors and on the other hand security for you and your site as in protection against security breaches and hackers.

Webflow hosting covers both areas providing free SSL certificates for all sites and by keeping the infrastructure safe around the clock through dedicated 24/7 network monitoring.

What else?

While we covered the essential factors in what to look for in a great hosting solution above there are other factors that also need attention. Because we don't just want to deliver you the essentials and things that go without saying but more. Our goal is to always deliver the best experience and the good feeling and trust of "it just works" - not just the feeling of "it works somehow".

By partnering with Webflow hosting you not only get great speed, scalability, reliability and security but more factors that make managing your website a lot easier and more convenient:

  • Fully automatic backups and version control
  • Site-wide and per-page password protection
  • Simple publishing workflows through the front end Editor (see https://www.dipuentes.com/hosting/editor) for more details.
  • Automatic scaled images for best responsiveness
  • Protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

And on top of that you'll also benefit from this:

  • Fully managed form submissions (never lose a lead again because your form didn't work)
  • SEO and social-media controls: manage and change OpenGraph and SEO meta tags on the fly and directly through the convenient Editor interface. Combine bits with the CMS to automate your metadata game.

Webflow hosting combines all of these great features and makes it one of the best and most reliable hosting solutions that we have come across. It simply can't be compared to the average shared hosting - it's simply amazing and we only want to deliver amazing solutions to our clients and that's why we chose Webflow hosting for all of our clients projects.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
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