New project online: Home Office Love ❤️

February 21, 2019
March 23, 2020

Our latest project is online: To help you move your office home, we have put our software and hardware favourites together on a microsite.

Have you, like so many people, suddenly and unprepared found yourself in a home office situation because of COVID-19? Is your home not at all equipped to serve as an office? Do you have to make room or can you only use the kitchen table between meals?

We want to help you get set up and find your way around. Encourage you to create an energizing workplace in your home. Maybe you will like to work in this way and you will want to continue to use this opportunity after the Corona crisis. We want to make the transition as easy as possible for you. Therefore we have summarized our top 10 recommendations in the area of software solutions, as well as our top 10 recommendations in the area of hardware products and extended accessories on a microsite.

"Home is the best place to be." So why not work where it is best? 🏡 And design a workplace according to your own wishes and needs? 💖

We have been working in the home office for many years and I have moved my home and office several times without any problems. Even as far as Fuerteventura. Anyhow, I am clearly in favour of this type of workplace and, in addition, for an attractive design and pleasant atmosphere. You can use these challenging times and create something very, very good for you!

In this sense: #HomeOfficeLove

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