New project online: naturmonia takes you on a journey into a world without plastic

February 21, 2019
July 1, 2019

With we want to show you how easy, beautiful, healthy and necessary it is to avoid plastic wherever possible. We tell you about our experiences with resource-saving produced articles. About our change to a way of life that makes the world of tomorrow more colourful today.

Our latest project is online: The main focus of naturmonia is to recommend products without plastic. We want to contribute to a world with less plastic by living it and taking you along. Don't you think that the drastically increasing plastic waste mountain is one of the biggest challenges of our time, besides climate change?

We want to inform you and give you good tools and ideas so that you can decide for or against certain things. To be a little bit political without politics. We are determined, but we don't have to convince, because we are convinced that the power for change will come from yourself!

We introduce you to plastic-free and low plastic, fairly produced, natural alternatives to everyday objects for your entire household. Whether with your child or dog or garden or at your home office. At everyone should find at least one inspiration and a thought-provoking impulse that motivates to implement.

You will also find recipes and instructions to replace your range of plastic-wrapped items - especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

We work together with, among others, the Hamburg-based company Avocadostore, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. 💗🎂🌱🥑

Have fun.

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