The only Google SERP simulator you will ever need

November 11, 2020

SERP snippets are kind of unpredictable. But the folks at Mangools have done an incredible job in putting together not just a good-looking Google SERP Simulator but also a great explanation on how Google goes about building its SERP snippets and excellent tips on how to improve your snippets and how to make them stand out in the crowd.

Mangools is probably best known for it's KeyWord Finder Tool. Beside their paid subscriptions they also offer a couple of Free Tools. The Google SERP simulator is one of them and we love it and use it on every page or funnel we build.

It just gives you a very good and precise depiction of what your SERP snippet will look like later without the need to wait for Google to index your pages. Also, this way you can really optimize the hell out of your snippet and avoid typos or just bad letter or sign combinations/configurations.

It also has a fetch and improve function, a title tag and meta description length checker that is actually "precise" and they even go about explaining the length and why it can be different sometimes, a heatmap feature and you can export and implement your carefully honed results directly with the hit of a button either copying it as HTML to paste it directly to the source code of your website or click on the "Save as image" to share it with teammates or clients as PNG.

If this wasn't awesome enough there is even a short passage with tips on what to look out for when writing titles and meta descriptions for your project.

Like said: we really love it. Go check it out:

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