Who you are and how your company looks and feels

Your personal identity and that of your business have an enormous influence on who feels attracted to it. Let's define your company identity together to attract the customers that fit you

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Do you spend too much time trying to consult clients who do not suit you?
Do you lose the sense in your work?
We are aware of this. We've done it too.
We don't do it anymore.
Let's find out together why this is so for you, and then we will solve this problem quite simply.

Who are you?

What is your superpower and how can you best use it?

What drives you?

And what will change through your influence?

We have many more questions for you and also the ways to find the answer to every single question, together with you.

In the end you will be able to communicate in absolute clarity and unshakably who you are and what you do.

With a concrete and coherent as well as authentic identity you can easily win the right customers for you.

Company Identity

We understand company identity (CI) as an elementary basis for every successful company.
Our comprehensive strategy aims to create a clear and distinct company identity.

differentiation from the competition


This includes:

  • A positive and strong company culture, which creates space for creative and personal development, in order to be future-proof and crisis-resistant.
  • A uniform design, which is identical internally as well as externally and on all platforms.

Competitive advantage

Unrivalled Positioning

By the clear differentiation from the competition, thanks to clear company identity, we create together a and unrivalled positioning and even a concrete competitive advantage on the market for you.

Based on your company identity we create a style guide for you. With this you'll have a compass for your company in your hands which shows you the recommended use of your company logo, colors and fonts. Also in which case these selected components are used.

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