Email Marketing

Newsletter Setup

  • Account Setup
    → List creation
    → Setup email alias (
  • Creation and integration of forms
    → 1 form for/in footer area
    → 1 form on dedicated sign-up page
    → 1 thank you-page
    → 1 confirmation page
  • Setup/Creation basic newsletter
€ 350,-
Excl. VAT
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Google My Business Setup

  • Assistance with account setup
  • Data entry
About Google My Business
€ 99,-
Excl. VAT
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Google Search Console Setup

  • Account setup
  • Domain setup
    → Domain verification
  • Create and upload XML-Sitemap
  • Register XML-Sitemap with Google Search Console
About Google Search Console
€ 99,-
Excl. VAT
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Search Engine Advertising

  • Free first consultation via phone (1h)
    What are your goals and how can we help you achieve them?
  • Potential analysis & report
    What potential is there in your industry to drive your growth?
  • Strategy & individual concept development
    In order to achieve your goals and uncover potential, we'll define a strategy together.
  • Professional setup of your Google Ads account
    We'll professionally set up your complete Google Ads account including roles and permissions. You'll always have full access and control.
  • For customers with an already existing account:
    Professional audit of your existing Google Ads account
    We analyze, restructure and optimize your existing Google Ads account and will eliminate common pitfalls that could potentially hurt your budget.
  • Ongoing, personal support
    We see ourselves as your external SEA department. Always there for you and always able to react dynamically to latest market developments.
About Google Ads
€ 95,-/h
Excl. VAT
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Search Engine Optimization

  • Free first consultation via phone (1h)
    What are your goals and how can we achieve them together?
  • Status-quo analysis
    → Analysis of your website
    → Competition analysis
    → Keyword research
    → Analysis of technical SEO aspects

    We'll get an initial overview of the content, structure and the technical SEO status of your website and the competitive environment to be able to lay out our strategy.
  • Kick-off Workshop
    We will explain where we see the greatest potential, suggest our (long-term) strategy and align it with you and your business to be able to reach the greatest benefits from good rankings in the future.
  • Ongoing onpage analysis, including:
    → Page Speed optimizations
    → Keyword optimization
    → Snippet optimization
    → Duplicate content optimization
    → Optimization of internal links
    → Headlines and/or structure optimizations

    Based on the strategy that we have defined together we set get to work to create the best experience for users and from the perspective of Google, which in the long term leads to "free" traffic to your website.
€ 950,-
Excl. VAT
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SEO Quick Help

Short-term SEO consulting on an hourly basis
  • Onpage analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink strategies
  • sparring partner

Would you like to take the first steps in SEO yourself and build expertise? Or have you already taken these steps and now you are looking for an external sparring partner to expand your project? We will happily support you.

€ 95,-/h
Excl. VAT
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