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We are experts delivering amazing web solutions for professional service providers giving them back valuable time, so they can focus on their business.

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Identity & CI

Identity & CI

We'll find out who you really are and will guide you through the process of refining your standing



Together we are defining crisp business goals and a marketing strategy based on your optimal target group

Web Development

Web Development

We are experts building modern and amazing websites so you can focus on your business and growth



Zero maintenance enterprise-grade hosting with 24/7 monitoring and automatic scaling



Helping extending your reach and growth with coordinated professional steps

Our Process


Connect and Talk

After we receive your request we'll schedule a first call to get to know each other and to explain the whole process, answer all of your questions and very likely we will ask questions to identify your needs and goals. Also this meeting will give us the chance to see if the chemistry is alright for both parties.


Setting the scope

Once we have a clear understanding of the scope of the cooperation we will send you our proposal. We don't charge by the hour, but value based and on a per-project basis.


Getting to work

Now it is the time to put everything together. Depending on the project this will be more or less intimate with you. We are amazing at making people proud of themselves and their project.

So let's do this!


Always there

Once the job is done we will remain there for you for any questions to come.

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An hour with Frances took my website to a new level. With her expertise, she gave me really good suggestions for my site, making it look individual and unique. Frances lets her intuition guide her. The combination of her intuition and expertise made my website personal.
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An hour with Frances took my website to a new level. With her expertise, she gave me really good suggestions for my site, making it look individual and unique. Frances lets her intuition guide her. The combination of her intuition and expertise made my website personal.
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I have been working with Marc and Frances very closely during the past month. They created an extraordinary personal website for me, which reflects not only my academic achievements but also my character! They have been very professional, friendly and creative; it was a pleasure working with them! I highly recommend them as web designers! Thanks guys!
Macro Economist
I was lucky to be mentored by Frances Donner for a few exciting weeks and would like to give some feedback. It was really mega great. A fresh, but also very warm wind has suddenly blown through my life and has brought freshness, dynamism and clarity to me. Topics that I had checked off long ago suddenly became very present again and thus the glass wall that I had built into my life as a limitation and perhaps also as a protection became permeable again. So now I'm no longer standing in front of the glass looking at the great things everyone else is creating, but I'm standing at the beginning of a new path that is continually creating itself through my own imagination. Mindset, I probably always knew, for this you can and must do something - I have worked a lot on it, but then I am often because of external events again crumpled and despondent. Frances worked with me very intensively on some essential topics for further development and installed them in my life: -> Taking yourself seriously, listening to your own instincts, analyzing your own goals, using lightness and heaviness in your tasks as a compass, fun factor and much more. Something has turned around in my thinking as a result, which I feel is very essential: I don't have to create something great first and then I'm allowed to feel good about it. No! -> I feel good in principle and also take care of it, and then want to create something out of this abundance. For this great help, I would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and I can recommend Frances 100% if you are honestly interested in working on your mindset and all the areas that go with it!
I really appreciate Marc's respectful manner and his patience in assisting me as a technology noob. I find Marc very flexible, which is an extra value for me. I appreciate the friendly, consultative exchange about adjustments to my homepage. Changes can be made without much effort. I am satisfied.
Carmen Wittwer
I have known Marc for over 20 years now and appreciate his pragmatic way of approaching a new project. ‍ Thanks to the cooperation I can limit myself to the content of a homepage and di•puentes takes care of the rest. Their approach and collaboration saves me as a client a lot of time and money. Possible additional options, such as newsletter or a store, are explained to me, the advantages and disadvantages are discussed together, and so I can choose the optimum for me as a customer, without prior knowledge. ‍ In the meantime we could realize several projects together, all of them according to my wishes and also cost effective. Perfect. I am very satisfied for years!
Juerg Wittwer
I am very delighted! ‍ With high speed and competence di•puentes was able to help me narrow down my target group and determine my dream customer. With little tricks of the trade, a vague idea turned into a professional description of my customers including customer approach and further implementation ideas in just a few hours. ‍ I am thrilled!
Robert Welti
Profi Therapeut
Working with Frances and Marc has been an incredible experience. They listened carefully and created a website based on my needs. In particular, they considered my personality in finding the identity of the website. They were also incredibly patient to explain each step of the website journey with me. I can only recommend working with them!
Johanna Tiedemann
I just had a short strategy session with Frances from di•puentes. 30 minutes and everything is clear again. With empathy, a clear mind and professionalism, Frances helped me to structure my thoughts, to become clear again and to clarify my next steps. Thank you so much for this great support and your beautiful being, Frances! I highly recommend such a strategy session whenever you feel stuck, whenever you feel the need to reconnect to the core of your business.
Franka Kohler
I had a business conversation with Frances about networking in the digital world. Frances showed me that there are diverse and individual variants to network. Through Frances, I was able to find my appropriate networking variant and for that I am very, very grateful to her!
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