About Us


di•puentes was established with connections in mind.
And a bridge is a perfect symbol for two sides reaching out with the will to exchange,
to trade or communicate and learn. And so this is our fundamental understanding and our core believe: Great results can only be achieved through a conscious act of a both-sided outreach and intensive communication.

We believe in a world of positive coexistence between people, nature and technology. This core idea drives us.

That's why we founded di-puentes with the idea of building bridges. We want to build stable connections for development and transformation among each other and between humans, nature and technology.

For this reason we support you, if you are an independent coach, consultant or service provider in the field of either:

  • personal development
  • holistic health
  • environmental awareness or similar

to find, present and spread your added value for a positive world.

We always strive for excellent results. For this we consciously go different or completely new ways. We live and love intensive communication, conscious attention and logical structures. We believe that every individual in this world, who fully utilizes, develops and makes available his or her potential to others, contributes to a world full of positive togetherness. We believe that further development is an obligation to oneself and the environment.

We believe in what goes around, comes around.

  • That's why we constantly bring good into the world.
  • That's why we reach out to each other, make connections and build digital bridges.
  • That's why we accompany you and support your vision with our solutions.

Located on Fuerteventura

di stands for digital.

is the Spanish word for bridges.

We have made ourselves comfortable on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

Since 2018 we live on this beautiful desert island and also work with our clients from here. With the puentes in our company name, we show our appreciation and gratitude to the Canarian culture.

Our branding colors are also a tribute to the Canary Islands' very own cosmos. The colors white, blue and yellow are the traditional colors of the Islas Canarias and their flag. The white stands for the purity and softness of the air and the excellent, mild climate that prevails throughout the Canary Islands. The blue reminds of the Atlantic Ocean. The yellow stands for the sand of the innumerable, natural beaches.

We added turquoise, because the ocean has very often also this color here and we quite simply like turquoise very much.

Marc Tiedemann

Founder • Webflow & Digital Expert

I have been working with computers for over 20 years. And I started di•puentes coming from a long career as a web-programmer, as CEO in the ecommerce sector and as a project manager / product owner in Hamburg, Germany. After successfully relocating to the Canary Islands it was time to start a new venture.


  • Webflow
  • Design to HTML
  • The big picture
  • Responsive web design and development
  • UI/UX principles


Favorite Things

  • Pizza
  • Travelling
  • Tabasco
  • The 80ies
  • Smoothies
  • Minimalism
  • Tolerance

Not-So-Favorite Things

  • Cucumbers
  • Distractions
  • Sticky Spoons
  • Folding laundry
  • When the shower curtain keeps on attacking me
  • Keys (still dreaming about a completely key-less life)
  • Unnecessary haste and stress

Frances Donner

Co-Founder • Identity & Strategy Consulting

My passion is dedicated to personal growth – my own as well of everyone's who comes into my orbit. I have a reliable sensor for the true desires of our clients and brings crystalline clarity and stability to every project.


  • Identity consulting
  • Brand strategy
  • Emotional storytelling
  • Bringer of clarity
  • Fire starter


Favorite Things

  • Get someone or something in motion
  • Intensive talks
  • Making decisions
  • Upgrades
  • To be barefoot
  • Donuts with fresh raspberries
  • Folding laundry

Not-So-Favorite Things

  • Snoozing
  • Drama people and complainers
  • Having sand in my shoes
  • Wet, smelly kitchen cloths
  • Gossip and small talk
  • Limitations
  • Resignation