How to correctly count Webflow CMS Collection Items

Have you ever wondered how Webflow CMS Collection items are being counted? It recently happened to me and I noticed that I didn't have a clear idea on how Webflow calculates those items. It's an important math to do though especially if you want to know when you can expect CMS limits in a project.

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The value of a living style guide

Behind all powerful and consistently expressed brands, stands one document: a style guide. Unfortunately most live an often neglected and dreaded existence in the forms of hard to find or even harder to update PDF files. The ones that shine and bring joy to its users live on the web, in the form of living style guide.

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Learn to make the best decision for your web hosting and avoid common mistakes and misconceptions

What really counts when choosing a web hosting service

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The only Google SERP simulator you will ever need

SERP snippets are kind of unpredictable. But the folks at Mangools have done an incredible job in putting together not just a good-looking Google SERP Simulator but also a great explanation on how Google goes about building its SERP snippets and excellent tips on how to improve your snippets and how to make them stand out in the crowd.

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Why you shouldn't use a free webmail address for your business communications

There are several free webmail services like GMail, Yahoo! Mail, GMX etc. In the core they all deliver about the same service: being able to send and receive emails. Then they differ in terms of design, functions, hard disk space and so on. Today I'd like to drill into this topic a bit as emails are a very basic part of every business. And they have become a common every day “thing” everybody relies on (and also hates at the same time). Maybe because it's so hard to stay on top of all those pesky emails we are living through a time where a lot of different communication channels pop up — all of them wanting to make it better and give you — the user — a better experience (spoiler: for real they want your data).

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Affinity supports the creative community

New 90-day free trial period for Mac and Windows versions of the entire Affinity suite and 50% off. Affinity aka. Serif from Nottingham in the United Kingdom should already be familiar to most people: Affinity has spent the last few years putting together a suite that does more than hold a candle to Adobe. The suite consists of the three productivity apps "Affinity Designer", "Affinity Photo" and "Affinity Publisher". The three programs work seamlessly with or among each other (StudioLink) and are unrivalled in terms of "affordability". Now, in addition to the extra long test period, there is also a 50% discount until April 20th.

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New project online: Home Office Love ❤️

Our latest project is online: To help you move your office home, we have put our software and hardware favourites together on a microsite.

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Easily Convert almost any File Type into another File Type online for free is an amazing online service that helps you convert over 300 different file types into another file type in a matter of seconds online without the need to download any software. It's extremely easy to use, has got you covered over a wide variety of different file types from different categories like images, audio and video and is free to use (up to 100 MB file size).

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New project online: naturmonia takes you on a journey into a world without plastic

With we want to show you how easy, beautiful, healthy and necessary it is to avoid plastic wherever possible. We tell you about our experiences with resource-saving produced articles. About our change to a way of life that makes the world of tomorrow more colourful today.

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